Hayden Lake Country Club Banquet Chef  & Gourmet Catering-

After retiring from the communications industry, Janet Campbell pursued her lifelong passion for cooking and becoming a chef.  She studied at various culinary schools including Roux be.

Janet is now enjoying her passion for cooking as a Banquet Chef at the Hayden Lake Country Club.  During her 8 years at the Country Club, her innovative cooking skills gained her the opportunity to be the understudy for Brett Fontana, Executive Chef at the Country Club.

Janet graduated from being a Chef to Banquet Chef, specializing in banquet and catering she is introducing new Italian, Mexican and Oriental cuisines.

When Janet is not working at the club in the off season and slow times she has her own catering company Gourmet Catering.

When Janet Campbell is not cooking she enjoys growing fresh herbs and entertaining friends and family.  Janet can be reached at campbell.jk@frontier.com