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Pyrenees Salad

Pyrenees salad is a simple fresh French salad, and a fabulous crowd pleaser. A composed of vegetables, Tomato, Cucumber, Avocado combined with feta. Flavored with Herbs de Provence, plenty of fresh crushed garlic, lemon and olive oil. This dish serves well as a main course side or as appetizer upon baguette. Dish advice: This dish isn’t highly technical as to follow directions in perfection, do to liking. But be sure to do as the French, and cut size proportioned to each other. I will instruct size...

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Chef David Pierce’s Herb Oil

This is a recipe that you can make ahead in a big batch and use on so many things. It can be used in sauces and dips, poured over cheeses, marinate meats with it, and much more! David Pierce calls it another Mother Sauce. Store it in the refridgerator in a jar or airtight...

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