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Coeur d’Alene Cellars Chenin Blanc

This is a wonderfully crisp white wine.  It actually pairs best after a long hike in the summer.  Having it paired with a delicious meal of pasta or seafood will bring out the fruitiness.  It is also wonderful when having appetizers such as egg rolls or veggies.  This wine will truly bring a smile when shared with friends after a day of hiking.  It is light and...

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Tommasi Amarone

This is one of my favorites. Each bottle is a complex story. The grapes are placed directly onto small open racks and taken to an open-sided building where they are dried by the cool breezes of autumn and winter until they are crushed the following January. This gives it a depth beyond it’s age It ages at least three years in oak barrels and is then bottled. After bottling, the wine ages for at least another year. While I love Amarones in general, this one never...

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